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Large Contemporary Wall Sculpture

Large Contemporary Wall Sculpture
Large Contemporary Wall Sculpture 52W x 80H x 4W
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Price: $1,575.00


4-6 weeks


This large contemporary wall sculpture has beautiful geometric design. It's for sections come together to form a unique pattern in the center. It center consists of twisting and curving scrollwork like design. That meets an inner molding weather pattern changes to straight lines are better slightly curved separating it from the center. Before sections of this piece can be left separated just a little. To let the color of your wall to outline the sections of the for panels. This makes for a beautiful display and ties the piece together as well as making it part of your wall and home decor. It is made of fiberglass resin and is not as heavy as it looks. So this sculpture is easy to hang. Several finish choices as well for this magnificent piece.

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