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Chubby Standing Cat Sculpture

Chubby Standing Cat Sculpture
Chubby Standing Cat Sculpture 6.5 x 4 x 6
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Price: $45.00


1-2 weeks


A unique cat sculpture. That has a large nut for his body. With his bent whiskers it is point he ears. He is an eye-catching piece at a perfect size for a desk or shelf. He will always be there to cheer you up as he looks up at you with his glassy little eyes.

Each of these wonderful metal sculptures are hand made and will vary slightly from sculpture to sculpture. They come naturally unfinished and will rust with age. If left outdoors rusting will occur much faster and the sculpture will take on a distinguished look, which many people prefer. If you want to preserve the natural steel look the sculptures can be coated with a spray on clear coat finish like Krylon or a spray on Polyurethane to protect it from the rusting process. Made in the U.S.

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