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Cubism Sculpture

Cubism Sculpture
Cubism Sculpture
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The Cubism art movement started around 1907 and peaked around 1914, however Cubism artworks are still being produced today. The Cubist art works were originally done on two-dimensional flat surfaces and in picture form. These pictures represented geometric forms, objects, landscapes, still life and people. These paintings were made up of straight lines and fragmented forms that made up the picture. Often geometric shapes were used such as cylinders, cones, and spheres. This gave the painting a fragmented look where the final artwork looked to be in pieces and more like a puzzle. Cubist style painters also focused on polygon shapes such as triangles. They also favored muted and dull color opposed to the brighter colors that were being used at the time. You can see more of these famous paintings and artworks here The Cubist movement

Cubism sculpture is almost a contradiction to Cubism painting. As paintings were always two-dimensional and use the straight lines to create abstract art works. Cubism sculptures also utilize those straight lines to make their sculptures and create that abstract look working in three dimensions instead of the traditional flat painting that was two-dimensional. Again like the Cubism paintings the sculptors created Cubist style artworks that look abstract and fragmented. The sculptors that create these three dimensional Cubist art works have that third dimension to work in and create unique and interesting forms. You can see some these beautiful art works and forms here Cubism sculptures

It is from these straight lines, right angles and of course the word Cubism, inspired me to create a sculpture of just cubes. Consisting of one giant cube covered with random cubes and rectangles. This randomness still has a balance throughout the cube making it have harmony. It's complementary base is covered with random cubes as well. The base bottom feet complement the rest of the sculpture with right angles. This one-of-a-kind original sculpture created by zhki has a beautiful antique copper finish with a darker bronze color that compliments the cubes and right angles. This piece has a bold and industrial look with its metallic colors. Cubism stands 22" tall - the upper cube is approximately 8.5" x 8.5" and its footprint dimensions are 13" inches long by 6 3/4" wide. To learn more about Cubism, Cubism art and the Cubist new movement you can read more here at About Cubism art

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