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Disposition Sculpture By Zhki

Disposition Sculpture By Zhki
Disposition Sculpture 23.5 H x 12 W ( 6 D x 7 W Foot Print )
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1-2 Weeks
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Contemporary "Disposition " a one of a kind piece made and signed by the artisan. This sculpture has three levels and is heavy in texture and color. The base is Copper metallic and black. With two disk forms on two sides of the base. The upper levels are suspended on a steel poles. The first level is a deep blue and deep purple metallic on black. Which makes for an awesome color combination. This level has colorful disks that are metallic as well. Both sides of the sculpture are different from each other. The upper most level is a copper metallic on black. Each level have been designed to swivel on their axis. So the sculpture can be positioned to your desired side or angle. This is helpful for different lighting sources and just you personal taste. This sculpture can be viewed from a 360 degree point of view. As it is finished on all sides. Please see image gallery for more photos.

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