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Elegant Horse Statue

Elegant Horse Statue
Elegant Horse Statue 16.5 "H x - 11"L x 5.5" (at base)
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Elegant horse statue made from cold cast copper. This beautiful finish on this horse is made from copper. Sometimes is referred to as cold cast, that is in the casting are copper particles. After the piece dries, it is polished to a high luster bringing out its beautiful copper color.

A little bit about cold cast bronze in this case cold cast copper. Both of these kinds of castings are of a higher quality than would be a standard resin casting. To create this kind of look metal filings that are ground really small are added to a clear resin. This type of resin is different from most casting resins. Most casting resins have it tint to them like a light green or light red in color. The resin used in cold cast copper or bronze has been refined a great deal more until it is clear. Sometimes this clear resin is called casting resin. This resin is then mixed with fine particles of copper bronze or any other metal that you wish to use to create your piece. After the piece has dried the piece is then sanded and polished. Creating up beautiful luster and shine on the sculpture. So this is not a painted piece this color runs throughout the entire sculpture. This type of casting is desirable because it does not have a finish like many other castings. The color runs all the way through. So if it were scratched or bump it was still retaining the same color. Also these types of castings have a beautiful luster such as this copper horse statue. Which is very elegant with his copper color.

To learn more about the cold cast metal sculpture method cold cast metal sculpture method please go here.

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