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Herbert Hoover Statue Bust

Herbert Hoover Statue Bust
Herbert Hoover Statue Bust 18W x 12D x 26H
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Herbert Hoover bust, was president from 1929 1933. He introduced the progressive era and efficiency of the business community. However he lost favor during the Great Depression and was defeated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1932. This bust is made from durable fiberglass and has several color finishes to choose from. Hebert Hoover was considered the great humanitarian and you can learn more about them here The great humanitarian Herbert Hoover Herbert Hoover had definitely a rough presidency as he was there to see the start of the Great Depression in a serious burden some stone was upon him you can learn more about this here About Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression Here's a short biography of Herbert Hoover in this video. A biography of Herbert Hoover

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