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Large Wall Plaque of Apollo and The Muses

Large Wall Plaque of Apollo and The Muses
Apollo and The Muses Wall Frieze Large 30 H x 62 L x 3D
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Large wall plaque of Apollo and The Muses. This famous Greek wall relief features Apollo playing his harp for his nine muses (The daughters of Zeus). In the middle you can see the famous Three Graces standing together. A excellent Greek classic.You can learn more about Apollo in this article here The legendary Apollo Being one of Zeus's sons Apollo was very powerful and popular with many abilities. You can read more about Apollo and his followers here. Apollo and his nine Muses Here is a video explaining the nine Muses and their part that surrounded Apollo. Each news had their own part in representing a different art. You can learn more about the Muses here in the short video. About the nine Muses of Apollo

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