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Leonardo Da Vinci Bust

Leonardo Da Vinci Bust
Leonardo Da Vinci Bust 12" High
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Bust of Leonardo da Vinci. One of the most famous artist of all time known for his classic Mono Lisa and the Last Supper. He was also an inventor, a mathematician. This was a man with a fantastic mind in a wide range of interests. Many of his pieces are now in the Louvre and attract great crowds. There are always lines to see his famous works at museums. The bust is made out of durable fiberglass and designed for indoor and outdoor use. Several different finishes choose from on this piece. You can learn more about this famous inventor in artist here Learn more about Leonardo da Vinci Here's a complete list of the famous Leonardo da Vinci's works I'm sure you love. Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces Here's a video documentary I'm Leonardo da Vinci at his life and career by the history Channel. The life of Leonardo da Vinci

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