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Michelangelo Bust Small

Michelangelo Bust Small
Michelangelo The Sculptor Bust 8W x 8D x 18H
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Bust of Michelangelo the famous sculptor. Created numerous famous pieces from marble and is best known for his work on the Sistine Chapel. He was also an engineer and architect among several other things. This bust is made from durable fiberglass and is suited for indoor and outdoor use of like. Several finish options are available for this bust of Michelangelo. More about this world-famous sculptor here The great Michelangelo Here is a timeline of Michelangelo's art work and history of his life and career. A brief history of Michelangelo Here's a video documentary also of Michelangelo following him from boyhood to manhood and his great works of art. The story of Michelangelo's life

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