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Pauline Bonaparte Bust

Pauline Bonaparte Bust
Pauline Bonaparte Bust 11W x 9D x 23H
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Pauline Bonaparte Is also known as Maria Paola Buonaparte (20 October 1780 - 9 June 1825) was the first Duchess of Guastalla. The sixth child of Letizia Ramolino and Carlo Buonaparte, Her older brother, Napoleon, was the first Emperor of the French. She married Charles Leclerc, a French general until his death secondly Camillo Borghese the Prince of Sulmona. You can learn more about the sister of Napoleon Pauline here More about Pauline Bonaparte Antonio Canova also did a sculpture of Pauline Bonaparte became known as the Venus victorious where she is featured reclining backward on a couch partially nude. This is a well-known piece done by Canova. You can learn more about the history of this piece here as well How Pauline Bonaparte became Venus Victoria Here is a video documentary on Pauline Bonaparte the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte About Maria Paola Buonaparte

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