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Torso of Laocoon Statue

Torso of Laocoon Statue
Torso of Laocoon Statue 24W x 14D x 31H
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Laocoön is a Trojan priest of Poseidon (or Neptune), whose rules he had defied, either by marrying and having sons,or by having committed an impiety by making love with his wife in the presence of a cult image in a sanctuary. His minor role in the Epic Cycle narrating the Trojan War was of warning the Trojans in vain against accepting the Trojan Horse from the Greeks "A deadly fraud is this," he said, "devised by the Achaean chiefs!" - and for his subsequent divine execution by two serpents sent to Troy across the sea from the island of Tenedos, where the Greeks had temporarily camped.Laocoön warned his fellow Trojans against the wooden horse presented to the city by the Greeks. In the Aeneid, Virgil gives Laocoön the famous line Equo ne credite, Teucri / Quidquid id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentes, or "Do not trust the Horse, Trojans / Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even bearing gifts." This line is the source of the saying: "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."

The Greek classical piece capturing a piece of history you can learn more about Torso of Laocoon here More about Laocoön

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