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What is Bonded Marble?

bonded marble close-upMarble is a bit different from other statuary materials in that it is not a sculpted product. Marble is a cast product that is very unique in the way it is made.

At the quarries where the Carrara Marble is found, it is cut into huge blocks by large wet saws. During the cutting process, the diamond blade leaves behind an ultra-fine slurry of marble dust and water. This mixture is then dried and cleaned before being mixed with a special type of polyester resin.

Polyester resin as a material commonly used to make boats and car parts these days. However, most polyester resins have a slight tint to them, often a transparent green or red color.

bonded marble close-upThis type of resin, sometimes referred to as casting resin, goes through a refining process to make it clear. This resin is then mixed with the Carrara marble dust. This mixture behaves quite differently than resin only products in the way it flows into the mould and allows for ultra high detail in the sculpture.

Of course the amount of detail is also dependent upon the quality of the mould that is used. The moulds used for bonded marble are of the highest quality and detail and are used to create a product that is unmatched by other casting materials.

If you look at the eyes and lips in the photos of these products you will see the eyelids and lips are of the finest detail. Bonded marble products are solid cast and are a heavier product with a semi-porous feel. Bonded marble can be stained or painted to give it a realistic look. These products are primarily imported from Italy, where they have been made for decades.

bonded marble close-up bonded marble close-up