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Zhki's Information Library

This is our list of links to informative pages about our products. Like what the products are made of and how to care for them. We also have a great selection of "How To Videos." As well as informative articles to help with decorating and maintaining your home.

What is it made of?

What is Bonded Italian Marble?

What is Fiber Stone or Fiberstone?

Available Fiber Stone Finishes.

What is Fiberglass?

Available Fiberglass Finishes.

What Our Products Are Made of.

How a Bronze Statue Is Made

How to Videos

Mounting options for Fiber Stone and Fiberglass

Product Care and Maintenance

How to care for your products.

How to Choose the Right Pedestal

How to Fix Things Around the House

Things You Can Fix yourself

Architectural Elements and Architecture

Architecture Elements and Architectural Home Decor

Meaning of Gargoyles

Acanthus Leaf Article

Gothic Window Traceries

History of Architectural Sculpture

Gothic Window Design and Tracery Construction - Very Informative

Types of Arches from Around The World

Arch Ways That Have Made it to our Walls as Sculptures

Iron — Metal Scroll and Leaf Work

Making of Decorative Iron Scroll Work

Architecture Metal Lattice Work

Lattice Work and The Metal Gate

History of Ornamental Iron Work

Window Grilles and Grates

Ironwork History Timeline

Baroque Leaf and metal Scroll Styles

All About Gardens and Gardening

Garden and Landscape Resources

All About Birds — Attracting and Feeding

How to Attract Birds to a Bird Feeder

The Bird Bath The Water source

Maintaining a Bird Bath to Keep Them Coming Back

Different Kinds of Bird Seed for Different Kinds of Birds

How to Attract Bats — Houses and Placement

Attracting Bats to my Bat House

Get to Know Bats

Best Spot for a Bat House

Facts About Bats and Bat Houses

Benefits of Having a Bat House

How to Attract Bats in Urban Areas

Art Links

Cad Design Service