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Austin Statue Restoration

I do statue repair work primarily on Austin Sculptures which is my specialty. I have been doing restoration work on Austin Sculptures for several years since they went out of business in 2009, making them non-replaceable.

Some Austin Sculptures were cast in metal and unfortunately we cannot repair these types of sculptures. Most Austin Sculptures are made of fiberglass or a Durastone type product. Durastone is a plaster based product that has a polymer such as Forton in it to make it strong like ceramic. These types of sculptures I have no problem repairing. I also have all the Austin colors so you can have faith that your restored piece will match the original finish.

The first step if you have a broken sculpture is to collect all of the pieces you can find. This is important as it serves as a road map to restoring your sculpture to its original form, and keeps the sculpting down to a minimum.

The price to restore a sculpture varies depending on many factors such as:

  • If the sculpture hollow cast
  • The size of the piece
  • Number of fractures
  • Is the base broken and/or wooden or other material
  • The type of finish on the piece
  • Textured or smooth surface

I know your sculpture has great sentimental value. My workmanship is of the highest quality and I take pride in my work. I have not yet run into an Austin Sculpture I could not restore. Please call for a free consultation and price quote. Prices starting at $225.00 and up plus shipping.

If you have a piece that you are trying to find out more information about you can go here to Artifact Collectors to ask questions about Austin sculptures.