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Pedestals for Statues

Pedestals for Gardens — Patios — Indoors — Outdoors

Getting a pedestal for your statuary or sculpture is one of the most important things you can do to bring out your piece of art. From the garden to inside your home. The pedestal makes stand out and all alone as a unique piece of art. In the garden pedestals are perfect for urns and planters. When finished alike the two become one unit and make quite an attraction for your garden plants. We also carry several indoor pedestals that make your sculptures and statues stand out. Again that pedestal ties together with the sculpture and emphasizing the beauty of the piece, by separating it from its surroundings a statue or sculpture put on a table or counter has a different look than those standing on a pedestal. Are pedestals are made from durable fiberglass and fiber stone. The fiber stone has a rustic look as perfect for the outdoor garden or patio. It can get wet and withstand the outdoor weather year round. Many of our fiber stone pedestals have a rustic look that is because they put sand and rocks in the mix when the piece is being made. This gives the fiber stone pedestal a weathered look and a look of great age. We also carry the fiberglass pedestals these two are able to go outside in year-round weather. There also perfect for indoors as they are smooth and clean looking. Pedestals come in all shapes and sizes. Please browse through our wonderful selection of pedestals for statues.

Art Display Pedestals — Column Pedestals — Plant Stands — Large Surface Pedestals for Over-sized Pieces — Short Pedestals and Greek Capitals — We also make lighted pedestals