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Things to Know

Newsletter Sign-up Policy

If you sign up for our newsletter you will receive information on special offers, sales, and new product lines. We will under no circumstances sell, trade, or share your email information with a third party.

Why 4–6 weeks for delivery on some products?

Products that take 4 to 6 weeks to deliver are not pre-made. They are custom made with your chosen finish on order. Casting, sanding, priming, and finishing all need to be completed before you item is shipped. We appreciate your patience, it is worth the wait!

Zhki's Internal Search Engine

Our internal search engine is based on a 3–4 phrase design. We have set it up that way to help you with your search. Our site is growing and we want you to find what you are looking for in a timely manner. So, for example, if you are searching for a pedestal be specific with search terms such as “Tall Narrow Pedestal” or “Big Large Surface Pedestal.” This will help you greatly in your search.

You can also search by room. This would include search terms such as “Boys Room,” “Kitchen,” “Girl’s Room,” “Man Cave,” ect. This will help you find gifts for someone special or give you ideas of a room you are decorating.

You can also search by art style with terms such as “Victorian,” “Gothic,” “Gargoyle and Griffins,” “Greek and Roman,” “contemporary,” and other genre art styles. This too will give you some ideas for your home.


All measurements are in inches unless otherwise noted on the product page itself. Measurements are taken from the highest and widest points of a piece, for example if a pedestal has a wider base than the top its measurements would reflect the base portion of the pedestal and not the top platform. In some cases the top portion of the pedestal is included on the product page. All measures are rounded up to the nearest inch. More information on size and measurements can be given upon request.

Additional Things to Know

  • We do not ship glass with any of our tables.
  • When viewing a product with multiple drop down menus such as fiber stone and fiberglass and you have multiple finishes chosen. You can just hit the “F5” key to refresh your browser and bring you back to a clean slate (no finishes chosen).
  • Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all finish options (if applicable), additional photos, related items, and if it ships truck line along with any applicable store polices.