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Shipping Policy

Currently we only ship to the contiguous United States.

We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or overseas due to the high cost of shipping. Shipping times vary greatly depending on the company. Some items are manufactured and can take up to 6 weeks, others are imported and ship out within a week or two. The shipping times for each product is posted on the product page.

Shipping Times

All shipping times are approximate. In most cases, you should receive your order on or before the stated date on the product page. However, there are some things that may affect your delivery times, such as custom manufactured product, time of year, handmade items, and even bad weather can have an effect on delivery times. If you do not receive your order by the time frame on the product page please call us and we would be glad to check on it for you.

Truck Line

Some of our larger items have to be shipped by truck line. This is an additional cost and will be calculated at checkout. Normally truck line runs around $150.00. It is also important to keep in mind when receiving truck line shipments that the trucking company only sends one person (the driver) It will normally take more than one person to unload large pieces as they are palletized and shrink wrapped and sometimes banded to the pallet. In many cases the piece(s) can be Unbound easily using just a utility knife. And with the help of a couple of people. The piece(s) can be unloaded with out to much problem. It is important to know that the trucking service will not bring it to your door. It is curb side delivery only. If you do not have help available to help you unload the truck? You may consider getting a truck with a lift gate to get your Items to the ground. Lift gates come with an additional charge of $90.00. The truck line will notify you of the date and approximate delivery time. Again this is a curb side only service and in most cases they will leave you the wood pallet.

If you receive a truck line shipment and it is damaged in some way. Simply refuse it and put damaged on the delivery form it will be returned and replaced with a new one. Other things to know, some products may be borderline shipping by FedEx ground or UPS and may be push into the truck line category. It is hard for us to tell sometimes which way it will go after it is packaged. You will be notified if there are any additional charges, and you are certainly able to cancel your order if you don’t want pay the extra shipping cost. Also large and really long pieces, like life size statues and extra long columns. May need to lay horizontally and take up 2–3 or more pallets. Which will again affect the shipping cost, And again you will be notified. We will do our best to get you the best shipping price possible. Also larger pieces and orders may take closer to 8 weeks for delivery. You can also get a shipping quote before you order if you like. You can reach us at 402-560-4985 or by email [email protected].