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Nudity and Art

Posted by Mike Jensen on 7/16/2015 to Products
Nudity and Art

When we first decided to add nude female statues to our site, we wanted to make sure that they were in good taste and respectful to women. The ones we have chosen represent the female form without being offensive or degrading in anyway. Our goal was to present the female body as an art form, as it has been for centuries by the Greeks and Romans and many other cultures.

There is nothing more sculpted than the nude human form. Starting way back to the Greek and Roman times, they recognized the beauty of the human form. It was not considered offensive it was considered art. The famous artist of the Renaissance. Like Michelangelo and his famous "David" statue and Botticelli with his "Birth of Venus". Later on in the late 1700's Antonio Canova made the now famous bather statues like the "Venus of Bath" and "Shy Venus". These now famous and highly prized sculptures. Have become international icons. As they touch all cultures and language. The cultural barriers don't apply here. Art is so universal no words are necessary. The human form is one of the hardest things to sculpt. With all its curves and muscles. And the application of Fibonacci or golden mean that the artist must fallow. In order to get an accurately proportionate sculpture. If you have ever tried to sculpting any part of the human body. You will find it very difficult and flustering as it is a skill. That takes a life time to master.

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